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Google I/O 2015 Review: Meet The Next Version of Android

Google just release the latest annual Google I/O 2015 keynote on last May in San Francisco Moscone Center. This year, we realize that the uses of mobile device are increasing as many people are demanding for fast information delivered to them in an instant wherever whenever they needed it. That’s..

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Consider These Points For Effective Operational Security

Most often, companies do occasional vulnerability scanning as part of the requirements necessary to comply with operational security standards. Vulnerability and patch management are a critical part of keeping businesses and their networks safe. Small to Medium businesses that rely on their..

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IT Infrastructure Management Services For Business Effectiveness

  Through the years, we've witnessed technology grows rapidly. We have praised it when it's absolutely brilliant, yet yelled at it when it runs out of power. We fixed or replace it when it gets run down. We have seen the world change in the past 10 years, how technology made our life easier. It..

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Why Use Cloud service In Business?

  Why use cloud service in business? Do we really need it? This article below will explain the reason behind cloud computing popularity recently. Lately we heard a lot about 'cloud computing' era as our home and work lives have become increasingly mobile. The demand for web-based software and..

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Windows Server 2003 End of Life: Here Is Why You Have To Upgrade

We are getting closer to July 2015 where Microsoft decided to end Windows Server 2003 program. It has run for so long and there are still many customers today who runs it in production for various reason. Why they are still using the outdated server while it can increase the risk of outdated..

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Harga G Suite Indonesia Lebih Murah 40% Hanya $3 USD

Khusus untuk membantu perkembangan bisnis di Indonesia, terutama dalam sektor Usaha Kecil dan Menengah (UKM), raksasa mesin pencari Google memangkas harga layanan g suite sebesar 40% yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan pemanfaatan internet dan meningkatkan produktivitas kerja. Hal ini dikarenakan..

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Coba Gratis G Suite Selamanya

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