How she entered the world of technology?

Cheng would say that technology found her. She began her career as a management consultant in strategy and operations at Deloitte Consulting, then, joined the growth strategy group at Brookfield Real Estate Services to help drive new business opportunities. After a significant growth period for the company, each person from the team took on a strategic role in one of the operating companies - and she joined Royal LePage. After a period of strong growth for the company, every one of the team take on a strategic role in a company that operates - and she went with Royal LePage. She has come to develop new products and services to a network of agents (now over 15,000), and because they are so widely spread throughout North America, many products and services should be delivered through the Web. And, thus, she began her journey into the world of technology.




What’s important to her success and interest in technology?

Cheng said that Royal LePage culture has played a major role in managing and developing her career in tech. When she entered the company, is the CIO and a half of their senior managers are women, so the positive examples are inspiring. Their culture is entrepreneurial, driven partly by their chairman, which ensures that employees who show enthusiasm, curiosity and are given the opportunity to pursue new ideas - even if they are outside of their defined job roles. Cheng’s not a technologist by trade, for example, but when she has established her ability and strength, she got a new opportunity that happened to cross with technology. In general, she thinks the curious, analytical problem solving skills that are the backbone of this strategy is in line with the development and provision of services through technology.


What are some of the biggest changes that she finds in the technology and then work in space?

Cheng says that it is now much easier and faster to implement technology projects. Ten years ago, people built their own custom in-house solution. Often, it is intended to build the software, installing hardware and learn by trial and error along the way. These are the days that caused major stress, to say the least. Today, third-party solutions in real estate is much more mature and require a lot of configuration easy. And when people choose to build their own, differentiated solutions, they work with experienced suppliers, using the smooth process supported by documentation and, most often, see this cloud-based solution. Overall, deliver projects in nearly half the time, at lower cost and with higher quality.


And this is Cheng’s advice for women who are interested or working in technology ...

Technology is an integral part of the structure of how work is done because she thinks it is important for all women to learn about it one way or another. There is no indication that there is a way of touch technologies: CRM requires sellers, marketers must be experienced in SEO, SEM and social media, the economy was based on tech-based tools to deliver business information. Options range more about where women want to sit in the spectrum of technologies - one end, intended as an end user, or on the other hand, as a creator or a technical implementer again. However, the more they know about technique, the more they open up opportunities for their self.


In one point, Cheng said that it's to learn about technology from a young age, then decide what interests you the most and go after it. Technology has a broader definition and more accessible than ever before. And from what she’s experienced, women in technology is often very grounded, very passionate and want to achieve great things, so they'll be in good company.

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