Google Apps administrators now have the ability to set default values ​​for the profile in the discovery domain via the controls on the management console. This setting is available for customers who activate the Options Premium. It is enabled by default (i.e, profiles can be found on the public web search).

At the launch:

  • All users with the ability to obtain in the standard discovery administrator
  • All users are not affected by the discoverability disabled by default (because it is set explicitly)

Example 1: The user has the profile to be detected before the launch set, management changes the default settings are not detected, the user can change the setting to undetectable.

Example 2: The user has to set, unless prior to the launch of the standard administrative changes do not appear to be detected, the profile, the user has not changed the configuration


Change the default administrator user to change if the user has not set a detection settings
After the user manual configuration profile discovery (on or off), the setting remains even changed the default administrator.

Example: The user to detect the profile is set after the release, change the default administrator settings unless detected, the user has not changed the configuration.

Note: in the domain where the administrator sets the profile discovery is disabled by default (ie, the setting switches), the user would be able to find the same domain your employees. To enable this functionality, expanded to increase share Google+ contacts. If the administrator has enabled the exchange of contact for services such as Gmail and employees will then be presented, regardless of the configuration of the invention.

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