Docs-Sheets-Slides-fo-iOSBusiness mobility is getting more exciting and has a lot of convenience today. You can now get your works done from any device—iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Any changes made on any of those devices will be automatically saved. This way you can pick up right where you left off anytime, anywhere you can sign in.





Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps come with built-in offline editing. You just need to make it available offline. Any changes made while you are offline will be automatically synced once when you reconnect, just the same as you make offline edits from your computer.

What makes things even better, you can now convert and edit Office files to Docs, Sheets and Slides directly on your iOS gadget, just the same as your colleagues who use Android apps and the web.



Office-Compatibility-Mode Office-Compatibility-Mode

With Native Office, editing using Office Compatibility Mode for iOS is now better compared to Microsoft Office as well. As a result, this release for iOS should make Google Apps for Business has a wider compatibility which means more chances to catch your opportunity and increase your productivity.

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