ANA-with-Google-AppsAs the largest airline in, AN (All Nippon Airways) has a lot of moving parts to manage. And, they are not just for aircraft and passengers. They are an international company with more than 40 locations worldwide. Although they have always had a strong sense of teamwork, they’ve run up against some walls as their business grew. Thus, in March 2013, they moved to Google Apps for Work, so all of their 49,000 people - in the air, in the streets and in our offices - would use a communication platform and support their culture.

The move was a big part of their global "Work Style Innovation," which is designed to allow their employees around the world as a team and better serve their customers. Since they move to Google Apps, they are able to launch with the entry of new staff that was previously unthinkable initiatives. Previously, it was difficult to get to the big projects, the contribution of the various departments, but they are now able to upload documents to Google Drive teams and project problems can make changes at the same time and share instantly. This was very helpful when they checked their reservation system for an international flight - a business project.
Capacity, services and employees to connect to the world is also a tool to redesign their new uniform. It was the first change in their uniform, in 10 years, and they found it very easy to drawings and photographs of uniforms Gmail Drive and designers share in New York. No matter where they were or what device they had, they can make changes to the file and everything, breathable, elastic with Google Hangouts.



The ability to carry files with unlimited access to access through Google Drive has been great for their team of security as well. If the maintenance staff at Haneda Airport finds a problem that he’s not sure how to fix, and then take a picture of that track with a tablet computer and share them with the world. Other specialists in maintenance and safety for displaying images and can advise where they offer. The new method is achieved by increasing problems faster and in possession of a general increases their level of security.

In addition to improving work processes and communication, tools like Google+ have been great to support internal communication. They have some really active Google+ community for mothers and fathers of stories, tips, work experience and sharing.

The industry demands information at a light speed. Google Apps allows their employees to share ideas, opinions and updates no matter where in the world they are found, then the time zones and language barriers are not their ability to work well together and can better help meet the needs of customers who travel with them.

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