world-cup-fans-using-google-mapsCanada does not have a national team in the 2014 World Cup, but the crew of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation knew that wouldn’t make them to experience the euphoria of the tournament. Whom are being root by the Canadians, then? A SuperFan Map to spotlight the football fans’ unique experiences as they enjoyed the excitement of the Brazil World Cup is created by the team of CBC.
The idea came from a Google form that we used for their fans to study on their favorite team to the SuperFan paper. As they have seen, the answers they realized the variety of fans - in Canada and around the world. Geolocation use this data to pin on a map shows where the fans and the games are enjoyed. They have the map richer editing pulling in photos and video from Google, Instagram and Twitter, with #cbcworldcup hashtag.




They knew they wanted using the Google Map to create SuperFan maps. The change was fast - started with the help of Google Maps Engine in early June and had their map tickets for the first game was played on June 12, was constant, even during festivals and other large traffic spikes.

The map also for the fans which are linked in a way that goes far beyond the sport itself: a sense of community from coast to coast to coast in Canada has made, from Australia to Norway and dozens of countries in between. They saw an incredible variety of teams, the regions and the faces of the surface in a Google map.

The Superfan Map has helped them to connect with fans in real time. Involvement more a cross-promotion with the music CBC with their SuperFans The Beetle Roadtrip Sessions travelling around Canada. They use the map to see where people are welcome, they invite you to celebrate with us. We have organized a big party in Montreal after. A high concentration of the fans in the region.

They have seen how Google Maps can help their organization and their fans well informed about events, no matter where they are. Moreover, it helps to connect with the fans, Google Maps has helped with other fans.

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