Google I/O 2015 review

Google just release the latest annual Google I/O 2015 keynote on last May in San Francisco Moscone Center. This year, we realize that the uses of mobile device are increasing as many people are demanding for fast information delivered to them in an instant wherever whenever they needed it. That’s why Android growth development becomes the spotlight. Here is our Google I/O 2015 review.

Mobile Devices Role Comes To Broader Picture

The increasing number of mobile device user caused by mobile technology development has completely changed the way we find information and entertainment, communicate with friends and family, and get our stuff done. The fact is, based on Google data, today more searches comes from mobile devices than from desktop computer. Shockingly, some estimates there are more mobile devices than there are people on the planet!

We can see the changed on the devices too. From the small to bigger size of device and screens, now you can even use Android on your phone, tablets, your wrist, in your car, and move seamlessly between each. Mobile devices redefines wearable style products like watches, bands, and fashion.

It reported that 54% of the world’s mobile device user uses Android as their platform. With these number of users (which is now still counting), developers have even more opportunities to build the apps that people use for education, engagement, and entertainment. Google has making the new tools and features to build more powerful experiences on the Android platform, it’s called Android M.

What Is Android M New Features?

Google is focused on optimizing Android, so they announced M as the latest version of Android OS which comes with more improved battery life and streamlined permissions for apps to make it easier for you to decide what information the apps on your phone can use. The software brings you greater control for your privacy preferences.

Your mobile phone contain a lot of information, but it’s not always easy to find information when you need it like when you try to navigate your email, organize hundreds of photos across devices, or search the nearest coffee shop. As part of Android M new features release, Google is expanding to give people on-demand assistance right when they need it using Google Now. There were also updates to Android designed to make moving between apps and the web smoother and a new Photo App that will organize all your pictures and back them up for free. It helps you sort through them more quickly and share them however you choose.

Google Improvement on Mobile Browsing For More Powerfull Usage


Google was unveiled Android Pay in Google I/O 2015 as a payment service. This software works with your card. You will be able to made payment or puchase inside application and other payment services like online shopping, ordering food, and much more.

Android Pay also allow us making payment on merchant by simply enter user's card details once and simply tap their phone to pay at a NFC-enabled terminal. The good news is, you can enjoy rewards points at participating merchants. Android Pay will be available from over 700,000 retailers. 

Google Now on Tap is being hailed as the next major feature for Android. Basically it allows the built-in personal assistant on Android devices, which we know and love as Google Now, to see what’s happening on the device’s screen and take relevant actions. Google demonstrated the feature at I/O by first playing a Skrillex song and then asking Now “What’s his real name.” The assistant knew that the user meant to ask about Skrillex’s real name and returned the relevant result. 

There are a lot of big announcements on Google I/O Keynote this year. We heard that Google aims to relase Android M by Q3 this year (approx. on August). While we're waiting for it to come, do you know that Google also has a cloud computing software tools that can work seamlessly integrated with your Android, laptops, and PCs? More about Google G Suite >>


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