Add-ons to Docs and Sheets: a little something extra


If you stay up late just started to sell these items at the end or a new project in the office only, you may and leave all sorts of things on to Google Docs. But in order to lift some of the work off your shoulders, today we start add-ons created by the development of new tools for partners. Giving you even more functionality to the documents and tables, browse the add-ons Docs and files, select Add-ons menu from any document or spreadsheet. (Spreadsheet Add-ons are only available in the new Google Sheets).

add-ons menu add-ons menu


After installing the add-ons, it will be available in all documents or spreadsheets, and you can start using it immediately.

Here are just some examples of how add-ons can help make Docs and sheets:

Obtain approvals for Docs and Sheets
Need to collect the permits or comments? Letter Feed Workflows direct a document of appropriate people and what makes easier is the “Approve” on the right inside of the document or spreadsheet. Once approved, you’ll be informed and be able to publish the final version with just a click.

Letter-Feed-image Letter-Feed-image

Printing address labels and name tags

Using Avery Label Merge, you just can easily—and boundlessly—import addresses or names from Sheets into Docs, so you can print them without needing to edit much. If you want to do something with the design of the label, you can pick the type of Avery Labels you’re going to print and your docs will be formatted to suit the layout of the label pack.

Printing address labels and name tags Printing address labels and name tags


Creating a bibliography without leaving Docs
From now on, any student who uses Google Docs to write papers can easily cite sources. The EasyBib Bibliography Creator can help you cite books, journals, and websites in MLA, APA and Chicago style by inputting in titles, journal article names and websites directly inside your document.


Creating a bibliography without leaving Docs Creating a bibliography without leaving Docs


Sending customized emails

Using Merge by Mailchimp you can send emails from Google Docs with style and layout you like. Right after your data is merged, your data is merged, hit send and your customized emails will be sent.

And, you know, all of these interesting useful add-ons are just some of so many add-ons you can find and use in the Docs and Sheets add-on stores.

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