Tory Burch ramps up retail expansion by sharing plans and project timelines with Google Drive


tory burchs project timelines with google driveEditor’s note: many weeks agone, we have a tendency to declared Google Drive for Work, a brand new premium giving for businesses that has unlimited storage, advanced audit news and new security controls. To celebrate the announcement and show however Drive helps businesses round the world, we’re sharing many stories from some of consumers victimisation Drive (and the remainder of the Google Apps suite) in innovative ways in which. Today’s guest blogger is microphone Giresi, Congress of Industrial Organizations of Tory Burch, the life-style whole noted for its painting bright colours and eclectic prints, out there at a hundred and twenty boutiques round the world and on-line at to find out additional concerning however Tory Burch’s move to the cloud helped them build a thriving retail business, be part of our country on Air with microphone and Google’s Head of business Solutions & Retail on Wed, August 6th.

Before gap a brand new Tory Burch store, we have a tendency to undergo months of designing with as several as two hundred folks, with tasks starting from hiring employees, commerce custom fixtures, planning windows, and once we will, having Tory obtainable to try and do the gap honors. Nearly all of the documentation around a store gap, like blueprints and project plans, ar developed by groups, not only one person. Google Drive helps these groups collaborate on documents and create choices quicker — currently we will open 3 stores during a single weekend, one thing we have a tendency to couldn’t have done before we have a tendency to affected to Google.

Every Tory Burch store must embody the whole, that the method needs careful coordination. The additional accessible store data is, the simpler it’s to come to a decision on next steps. however with our previous IT system, emailing spreadsheets back and forth wasn’t enabling the speedy decision-making we want for a speedily growing retail business. groups couldn’t get their hands on the proper data to push store development forward.

Using Google Drive lets our store-opening groups and out of doors partners like architects and visual designers connect and collaborate seamlessly. for every Tory Burch store, team managers will produce master folders while not looking forward to IT, creating it straightforward for them to store and share project timelines, floor plans, and merchandise lists. With Drive, we do not ought to worry concerning version management, that was a struggle once we shared files over email — currently, we all know that what is hold on and shared is that the true, up-to-date document.

Choosing Drive conjointly means that we have a tendency to won’t ought to worry concerning storage for documents, particularly as we have a tendency to expand the business. getting our own servers and storage disks doesn’t observe business sense for US — why not merely admit a corporation like Google which will scale storage far better than we will do ourselves?

We’ve got the right combination of fashion’s most colourful and eclectic wear and accessories, and Tory herself to embody the whole — therefore we’re assured that the globe is prepared for several additional Tory Burch stores. Google Drive has become a catalyst for our exciting growth plans.


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