Welsh schools are going Google


Around the world, faculties area unit finding innovative ways in which to use technology to interrupt down the normal walls of the classroom, whereas overcoming the challenges of upper tutorial standards and tighter budgets. Today, we’re happy to share the stories from 2 faculties in Wales who’ve gone Google to assist them meet the strain of a contemporary education system.

Gowerton college in Gowerton Village serves one,135 students aged eleven to eighteen. The IT team migrated students and educators from on-premise email to Gmail and Google Apps. business consultants acknowledge them collectively of the primary faculties in GB to embrace cloud technologies.

The class’s entire information – from earth science to change of state – is tutored with Google Apps. Students will access assignments, lesson plans and alternative learning resources through Google Drive, whereas academics will offer immediate feedback through Google Docs. This has led to vital teaching and learning advantages as well as bigger collaboration and a lot of tailored feedback.

Additionally, the move to Google allowed the college to re-invest value savings from mistreatment cloud-based technologies. Gowerton saved £30,000 (US$50,000) in licensing and server maintenance, permitting them to shop for varied Chromebooks. Chromebooks area unit ideal for Gowerton as a result of they’re simple to take care of and might be employed by anyone while not abundant coaching.

“We’re terribly keen to deploy a lot of Chromebooks. Students love them as a result of they’re intuitive to use and provides them instant access to Google Apps,” aforementioned Darren Long, Teacher of ICT and ICT organizer at Gowerton. “They’re conjointly nice from associate administration purpose of read. we tend to experimented with laptops for a short while however found they were too pricey and high-maintenance. With Chromebooks, we tend to don’t ought to worry concerning maintenance, updates area unit automatic, and that they area unit smart worth.”

Students at Gowerton college mistreatment Chromebooks
Coleg Wales in North East Wales has conjointly gone Google. Coleg Wales is one in all the biggest faculties within the uk, serving quite seven,000 full-time and thirty,000 part-time students. Previously, students used Microsoft Live@edu accounts — however because the faculty dilated, the IT team struggled to support all the new accounts from a time and price perspective. the matter was resolved once the IT department emotional everybody to Google Apps and put in Chromebooks around field. due to the remote, web-based management console, Coleg Wales found Chromebooks simple to deploy to an oversized, growing body of scholars. what is more, the IT team now not had to pay time reaching to every laptop to put in associate update, since Google pushes these mechanically.

With Google Apps, students and academics area unit a lot of proactive once it involves learning and teaching. academics notice apps from the Chrome App Store and incorporate them in lesson plans. Assignments and resources area unit saved to students’ Google Drive accounts. As a result, students will merely log into their Google accounts to access their own virtual “classroom.”

“The freedom for college students and tutors to search out and work with attention-grabbing applications — something from anatomy to mind-mapping — has modified the method they consider learning and teaching,” aforementioned Mark Brandish, Head of IT Services at Coleg Wales. “Traditionally students and academics have simply taken what we’ve provided. currently we’re a supporter, giving them access to tools that permit them to be a lot of innovative.”

Students from Coleg Wales mistreatment Chromebooks outside the classroom
You can scan a lot of stories of however wild educators and gifted students area unit mistreatment Google for Education in their learning environments. We’re excited to listen to such stories of however technology helps prepare today’s youth for a higher future.

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