Why You Need to Upgrade to Google Drive for Work


As a result to the launching of Google Drive for Work, we have got many queries from our customers, such as: “Why should we move to Google Apps Unlimited?” If you are employing Google Apps for Business and want to have limitless storage, Google Vault Archiving, advanced administrative control over online documents of your users, additional audit and reporting features, then, you should upgrade to Google Apps Unlimited.

Google Drive for Work includes everything you already provide your organization with. It’s recently enriched with a lot of features added to the basic of “Google Apps” license such as new web & mobile experience, Quickoffice editing, new Admin transfer and undelete tools, encryption at rest and an Activity API. Of course, there are more things offered as a feature with Google Apps Unlimited. Not only that you will get a bunch of advanced features, when you upgrade Google Apps Unlimited you’ll also receive a number of services commonly given to Premium Business-Grade only, like for example:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Google Vault
  • Advanced Drive controls
  • Audit and reporting features

If you’re thinking about another Cloud Storage solution for your company, below is a comparison chart of other providers vs Google Apps Unlimited:

Drive for work


More about drive for work or other application email us at sales@eikontechnology.com or visit our site.

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