No more worries with IT Management and Communication



Most IT troubles experienced by many companies and organizations are dealing with expensive IT Management cost, web hosting and licensing cost as well as data reliability and security, email management and storages and internal-external communication. But, you can now leave all those worries. Google Apps for Business is a cloud-based communication and collaboration suite that helps you and team connect and get works done no matter what device you are on, time you are in or place you are at. With SLA 99.9% and 24/7 support, Google Apps is secure, reliable and fast.

These names are just a few that have gone Google: Holcim, ANA, Cinema 21, Agansa, Zalora, Pismatex, Infratech, IMR Resources, UNORCID and there are still more. Let’s hear what they say:

“We chose Google Apps because it helps us concentrate on our core businesses, and bring our employees, customers and partners across the globe closer together.” –Khushnud Irani, the Chief Information Officer at Holcim.

“Google Apps offers us the reliability the reliability and scalability we need. We coordinate flights for 2.7 million passengers to 81 local and international destination every year, so it is critical we have a communication system that we can rely on.”—Mr Aramaki, Director of Innovation at ANA.

Those companies and organizations have found that Google Apps for Business really helps them overcome IT and communication troubles. Not only that, they’ve also got more advantages since the price they have to pay is much cheaper. You don’t need to pay for servers, additional software, and even maintenance. Google will take care of everything. So, what you are waiting for? Sign up now for Google Apps for Business Seminar and learn how to grow your business with Google technology for free on 10 September 2014 at 08.30am – 11.30am. Registration online click here.

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