Stay Productive During Holiday With Cloud Services

The holiday season is upon us, which means all our daily activities have accelerated just a little bit more. You need to complete that work project before your client goes on vacation. You have to figure out how to attend the holiday office parties for both you and your spouse, while still helping..

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Manage Chrome for Work As The Most Secure Browser Is Easy

Chrome is now become the most-used browser by people world wide. Interestingly, Google saw a tremendous amount of excitement from both users and business. Many businesses wants to get increased security and get benefit from it, Chrome offers the configurability and customizations for speed in the..

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Microsoft's Brings Windows 10 Multi Platform Features

Microsoft will announce to launch the next generation of Windows 10. We’re kind of excited because Microsoft is bring new taste in the OS. In late 2014 Microsoft announce that they’re secretly developed the Technical Preview of its next Windows operating system, and it took everyone by surprise. So..

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How To Undo Send Email Feature In Gmail: This Could Be Your Life Saver

  How many times this happened to you? In the middle of composing email then accidentally hit the send button, or you already send the email but forget the urgent attachment to your boss or client? Wouldn’t it seems tedious and less professional if you send another email due to incomplete email..

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Google I/O 2015 Review: Meet The Next Version of Android

Google just release the latest annual Google I/O 2015 keynote on last May in San Francisco Moscone Center. This year, we realize that the uses of mobile device are increasing as many people are demanding for fast information delivered to them in an instant wherever whenever they needed it. That’s..

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Consider These Points For Effective Operational Security

Most often, companies do occasional vulnerability scanning as part of the requirements necessary to comply with operational security standards. Vulnerability and patch management are a critical part of keeping businesses and their networks safe. Small to Medium businesses that rely on their..

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