Chesterfield County Schools (VA) goes Google with 32,000 Chromebooks


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As students within the us place down their pencils and head out for summer vacation, educators across the country square measure onerous at work coming up with for the college year ahead. For some, it suggests that inventing the summer reading list or having year-end conferences. For others, it means studying materials for a brand new syllabus or decorating the classroom. And for Chesterfield County colleges, one amongst the country’s one hundred largest faculty systems, it suggests that securing the most effective teaching materials and technology to greet students after they come back to high school next year — as well as thirty two,000 new Chromebooks.

Chesterfield, that serves students across sixty two colleges in Virginia, joins variety of alternative massive districts WHO have chosen Chromebooks for the 2014-15 academic year. They be part of city Unified administrative division (8,000 devices), Bean Town Public colleges (10,000 devices), metropolis Public colleges (11,400 devices), Edmonton Public colleges (13,000 devices), and Chicago Public colleges (16,000 devices).

Chesterfield is one amongst several public faculty districts that believe providing access to technology for each student is feasible even once budgets square measure tight. They chronicled their journey on a web site they created, known as “Anytime, anyplace Learning,” that the community may have interaction within the project and efforts. one amongst the foremost vital steps the District took was running associate degree in-depth pilot study wherever academics, students and directors tested six pilot devices within the school rooms, to see that were best for his or her colleges.

After testing and assessing the devices, Chesterfield elect Chromebooks for all thirty two,475 middle and highschool students. What’s particularly exceptional is that they were able to move to Chromebooks with existing funds — while not requesting further budget, since Chromebooks are nearly half the price of PC desktops and laptop alternatives. Chesterfield conjointly saved by reducing the quantity of room peripheral devices like interactive whiteboards, that they may replace with web-based tools. they chose hollow Chromebooks with native partner TIG, WHO committed to produce coaching and support for the journey to confirm students, academics and directors may take full advantage of the various advantages of the new technology.

Choosing Chromebooks wasn’t regarding|almost|almost about|around|as regards to|close to|concerning|near to|on the subject of|regarding|with reference to|with regards to} choosing a bit of hardware – it had been about meeting Chesterfield’s goals at the proper value to bring nice education to any or all students. As Chesterfield Superintendent Dr. Marcus Newsome explained, “anytime, anyplace learning may be a gospel of our strategic set up created doable by extremely trained academics, and unjust by our students’ access to Chromebooks.” And as Adam Seldow, Executive Director of Technology, said, “with Chromebooks, we have a tendency to square measure currently able to offer students with a lot of opportunities to pursue their interests each within and outdoors of the room.”

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