Chromebooks is chosen by Omada Health to grow its business


Chromebooks for business Chromebooks for business


Every new company must make a wise decision on purchases and the most for your money technology. In Omada Health, decisions are more difficult: how can we remain in compliance with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)? Can we do that people in our company access and participation in the protection of health information? We can guarantee our customers to ensure that we keep this information – and we can make it affordable?
Chromebooks allow us to conduct our business in a way that we think is the best to build reduce the impact of chronic diseases. Omada create software that helps people improve their risk profile. Insurers and employers get our programs that help people to share their healthy progress and get the support of a social community. Our first product, Prevent, a-16 weeks online program, people lose weight and change factors that can bring on type 2 diabetes risk.

All the work of our health coaches is made with participants, but their task is to ensure they continue to meet program objectives. These trainers are working from home or on client sites – for example, nutritionist or dietitian with her own company. We must give them the tools to program Omada and giving participants without worrying that data from unauthorized manage. We believe that health coach allowed using their own computer, laptop or the provision of other brands, but we realized that we had no way to control how and where the information is downloaded, or the machines to our data could be used and participants have access.

The provision of health coaches with Chromebooks is the easiest and the cheapest we found to provide easy access, but the information assurance program. Through the management console to configure our Chromebooks local database to be removed when users connect, so if a Chromebook is lost or stolen, the data does not fall into the wrong hands. We limit the connections that our health coach, so that nobody else can use a Chromebook to enter our program and training solutions. Since Chrome is the browser of Chromebooks, to prevent the loading of programs on the devices that we can against malware and viruses that can cause damage to protect our networks.

When we talk to potential customers for our program to prevent a lot of questions on how health information and respect for the screen. Enter Chromebooks our health coach makes us confident that we can meet these requirements, the bank in a manner that will not break.


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