Developers code their way to more efficient government at the GovDev Challenge


What are you able to do with twenty four hours? Google teamed with the States of Colorado and Wyoming to raise quite one hundred ardent developers at our inaugural GovDev Challenge, a live cryptography competition in state capital on might seventeen and eighteen. once Associate in Nursing all-nighter cranking out ideas, the coders came up with solutions to rework the approach state governments work by mistreatment technology to bring innovative ideas to life.

Google collaborated with the State of Colorado and State of Wyoming to host the Challenge. we have a tendency to worked closely with the federation Offices of each Colorado and Wyoming to spot robust issues that were significant to the states and able to be self-addressed throughout the 24-hour cryptography challenge. We’d wish to offer programmers from across the country the distinctive likelihood to form a true distinction. To support the event, Wyoming federation Flint Waters sent a college bus full of programmers and spectators to state capital to attend. “It’s a good example of a way to increase public engagement to extend the potency and effectiveness of presidency,” aforementioned Brandon Williams from the Colorado Governor’s workplace of data Technology.

As they coded their thanks to higher government services, participants got the possibility to master tools like Google Cloud Platform, that allows developers to make, check and deploy applications on Google’s reliable infrastructure. They additionally used alternative Google solutions like Google Maps, Google Apps and also the Google Search Appliance.

The specific challenges weren’t proclaimed till game day, thus participants showed up having no plan what types of applications they’d be developing. Colorado requested tools for managing records and trailing donations throughout natural disasters. “We’re trying to you to form the lives easier of voters and volunteers United Nations agency show up at disaster help centers,” Williams told the group.

Winners enclosed the GovSafe team, United Nations agency created a web site that enables victims from disasters and volunteers to fill out a kind on-line that might spare them the trouble of coming into constant info multiple times for numerous paper documents. Recognizing that the govt. isn’t quite able to go totally paperless, GovSafe incorporated laborious copies into their system and used a printer to demonstrate the impact.

For the Wyoming challenge, competitors developed solutions permitting the general public to visualize however remunerator greenbacks area unit being spent. though that knowledge is publically out there, people can’t gather and visualize it while not facilitate from government staff. “This ought to very facilitate US give higher info to our voters in order that they apprehend what’s happening,” explained Flint Waters, Wyoming’s federation.

The CodeRangers team placed 1st for coming up with a mobile and desktop tool that displays the geographic distribution of public sector payments to non-public vendors. the general public will simply see the situation of vendors on a Google Map and might tell what proportion payment goes out of the state. they will drill all the way down to the department level and see their disbursal patterns. they will additionally run queries by vender names. “Governmental transparency is vitally necessary for subject oversight of however our democratic method works,” aforementioned team member Anne Gunn. “The cash comes from all folks, and that we ought to skills it’s being spent.”

Congratulations to everybody United Nations agency took half within the GovDev Challenge, from the coders United Nations agency traveled from so much and wide to the officers United Nations agency helped US with each step of the look. we have a tendency to hope the event can function a blueprint for future partnerships between Google and also the government, solid with the shared goal of finding robust issues with personal sector talent. along we have a tendency to facilitate remodel government, one innovation at a time.


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