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Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College connects 21,000 students to the world with Google for Education

Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College connects 21,000 students to the world with Google for Education


Google Apps for EducationEaling, Hammersmith & West London school (EHWLC) is one amongst the biggest any education schools within the uk. Like “continuing education” programmes within the U.S., any education schools concentrate on teaching post-secondary college students the abilities they have to achieve today’s competitive men. As a result, plenty of education takes place outside the schoolroom. as an example, we’d facilitate students notice mentors from the BBC or Michelin-starred restaurants, or show them the way to manufacture their own music album below the College’s own record label.

Going Google utterly supported our approach by providing anytime, anyplace access to a productivity suite that encourages collaboration. In 2008, we tend to unrolled Google Apps for Education to students, lecturers and support employees. we tend to provide each student a Google Apps account forever, thus in total, the IT team manages regarding seventy five,000 accounts.

We began by mistreatment Google Apps in straightforward ways that, like collaborating on cluster comes in Drive or sharing assignments and feedback in period of time, although the scholar isn’t in school. With our Apps account we will additionally use alternative Google product, like Google+ and Hangouts. lecturers use Hangouts to attach students to outside mentors. In one amongst our technology school rooms, we tend to control a resort with somebody at Google. That was a well-liked session.

Google+ has intercalary a brand new social component, once it involves learning. With nothing quite a smartphone, lecturers and students across all campuses will instantly share photos of school comes, post thought provocative articles and announce school events. The lecturers and students have several G+ communities wherever they exchange ideas and encourage one another.

From AN IT perspective, Google Apps was straightforward to line up. each year I will deploy over twenty,000 new student accounts with 600 terabytes of storage in but 5 minutes. Our environmental price savings square measure substantial — in terms of employees email alone, we are going to be ready to save a minimum of £2,000 ($3,365) in energy prices and scale back emissions by sixteen tonnes every year, still as eliminate pricey server disposal prices.

Although we tend to speak plenty regarding openness, our directors wouldn’t have allowed United States of America to use Google Apps if it didn’t meet the UK’s high standards for knowledge privacy and security. when consultation with UK tutorial establishments the conclusion was that with Google, we’re truly even safer. within the past, we tend to had the occasional drawback of somebody losing a thumb drive with necessary info, however by storing everything in Google-managed servers, we tend to not need to worry this issue.

It’s been six years since we tend to began going Google and we’re still discovering new and pleasant ways that to use Google Apps to broaden our students’ learning horizons. this can be particularly necessary at an extra education school wherever plenty of education takes place outside the schoolroom.

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