More than Fascinating: Google Drive for Work


Google Drive for WorkPeople like to use tools which are powerful and easy use. For any employees, this means that they can access their work in their favorite devices working with colleagues wherever they are, or share access, even if they are in different offices, cities or countries. For this reason, not having to worry about new concerns storage quota, or be able to access and control areas. Between users and file know how important this is, at the beginning of this summer, Google released Google Drive for Work, a package that includes everything for only $ 10 per month per user. Here’s a rundown of what’s to come in the Drive for Work in the past two months.



Google Drive for Work


Supporting employees work together on the go

Before presenting Google Drive for Work, companies like retailers Chico, aerospace and defense company like Rockwell Collins using Drive to increase collaboration in distributed teams. Travis Perkins is using Google Drive to save more than 1.3 million documents in thousands of physical locations, travel and the time it takes to fall. OVS uses Google Drive on the desktop, tablets and smartphones, syncing the supply of components and files of information they need no matter where they are or what device they are using.

And today, more than 1,800 companies report weekly for using Google Drive for Work. Customers like WeddingWire are getting the advantages of using Drive for Work to help their employees with all the features for working, staff collaboration and file sharing tools they need on any device, whether in the office or on the road.


Expanding the Drive ecosystem

Google Drive for Work includes everything you need to keep all your work insurance and common everywhere need readily available. A growing number of partners to build on the Drive platform to meet the specific needs of their customers to meet the instrument. In addition to the new vision of global monitoring of the management console, driving to work also contains an audit partner APIs are used to construct the improvements of progress and security as Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Insight Other partners are content tools built on a car before anywhere, including file servers and local hard drives larger or other products of storage in the cloud.


Keeping your workplace safe and available

To make your work stay secure, all files uploaded in Google Drive will be encrypted, not only the instrument during transit between the Google data center, but also at rest of Google servers. Google engineers monitoring system in 24×7 so that if any problems occur, they can quickly identify and solve. Last year, Google Drive reaches 99.985% uptime, which is less than 90 minutes of downtime per year on average (our SLA guarantees 99.9%) achieved. If you ever have a problem, you can up to date on the dashboard of the state, the state to read information and if you ever need someone to talk to, the help can be found through phone call away in more than a dozen languages​​, all over 50 countries in the world.

If you want to join more than 190 million people actively connect with Drive, you can learn more about Drive for Work online or contact us to for more information. If you’re already a customer of Google Apps, you can update with a few clicks in the management console.

Collaborating will also be easier. Let Google do the hard work and help you recover from what is most important – your business.

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