A first step toward more global email


Whether your email address is firstname.lastname@ or one thing a lot of communicative like corgicrazy@, Associate in Nursing email address says one thing concerning UN agency you’re. however from the beginning, email addresses have invariably needed you to use non-accented Latin characters once language up. but half the world’s population features a maternal language that uses the Latin alphabet. And even fewer individuals use solely the letters A-Z. thus if your name (or that of your favorite pet) contains accented characters (like “José Ramón”) or is written in another script like Chinese or script, your email address choices area unit restricted.


But all that might modification. In 2012, a company referred to as the web Engineering Task Force (IETF) created a brand new email normal that supports addresses with non-Latin and accented Latin characters (e.g. 武@メール.グーグル). so as for this normal to become a reality, each email supplier and each web site that asks you for your email address should adopt it. That’s clearly a troublesome hill to climb. The technology is there, however somebody has got to take the primary step.

Today we’re able to be that somebody. beginning currently, Gmail (and shortly, Calendar) can acknowledge addresses that contain accented or non-Latin characters. this implies Gmail users will send emails to, and receive emails from, those that have these characters in their email addresses. Of course, this can be simply a primary step and there’s still a ways in which to travel. within the future, we would like to form it doable for you to use them to form Gmail accounts.

Last month, we tend to proclaimed the addition of thirteen new languages in Gmail. Language ought to ne’er be a barrier once it involves connecting with others and with this breakthrough, really world email is currently even nearer to changing into a reality.

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