Gmail and Google Drive for iOS and Android


directly-save-to-driveSometimes important stuff may come when you’re enjoying your time at a beautiful resort, or, while you are in a trip. Chance is you’re not always in the office when your superior informs you that she/he needs the latest project proposal or report ASAP. While your life can’t be made more predictable, Gmail’s updates today may enhance your chance to overcome difficult situation caused by such unexpected occurences. Moreover, these updates are specifically for mobile devices, i.e, Gmail and Google Drive iOS app and Android app, makes you much easier to get things done while you’re on the go.

Just the same as Gmail on the web, now you can insert files from Google Drive directly into an email on your phone tablet.


gmail-and-google-drive-on-the-go gmail-and-google-drive-on-the-go


The applications will also tell you if the file is not shared with the person, change the transmission that you can share settings before sending. And store all your files in one place, if someone sends you an attachment email room, you can record directly to the unit with a twist.




In iOS, you can now change your profile picture directly from the settings. So the next time you take selfie perfect, you can make your profile picture immediately, while friends. Finally, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can choose the one who signed the accounts you want to appear in the application.

You can try these functions by downloading from the App Store release for Gmail iOS, and if you are using a phone or an Android tablet, you can get the update of the application the latest version of Gmail for Android.

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