With Google Apps and Drive, Dick Smith masters operational communications


dick-smith-uses-google-apps-and-drive dick-smith-uses-google-apps-and-drive

It’s just a year ago, the Retail Operations team at Dick Smith moved to Google Apps to improve communication and coordination between our 3,000 or so staff in 376 stores across Australia and New Zealand. Since then, they have some pretty dramatic improvements and efficiencies in the way they receive information, for their employees. It’s all thanks to Google Drive and Google Sites.

Their employees are highly mobile. Not just do they have a fleet of 23 regional managers who spend their time between different stores, but their 3,000 store employees spend most of their time in the field with customers. Their team is based on a steady stream of updates and materials in the week – from textbooks of new products, promotions, releases come through the process of worker safety – is not only important that people thought see updates to them, but are able to monitor and review message for compliance

Prior to joining Google Apps, it took up to 24 hours for these messages to get through a series of ups hook telephone, fax, e-mail and system for delivery of documents every night searching for the world. This was particularly difficult when it comes to issues such as callback products or actions, which is essential for the team to avoid any potential problems quickly and to ensure that new jobs are readily available for customers.


google-apps-and-drive google-apps-and-drive

With Google Drive and Google Sites, they are now able to provide thousands of employees a bird’s major improvements and important documents visibly in the business. Thus, if they have an urgent message or a new employee must have access to a guide how to do, it is only one place to look – and can get everything on the list or sent quickly and effectively. They create a matrimonial website with sections for each team, with shortcuts to folders that all planograms and details of the action of teaching guides and ticket to travel home. Area Manager can then access both the site and the files from their mobile phones or tablets, and our sales staff can be seen by themselves or updates the computer store.


They also built a new system of Forms and Sheets for the rationalization of business communication. Instead of relying on hiking trails and a lot of phone calls in complex e-mail, employees now have their consensus on a single module. The answers will be used joined in a common dish of the task team to keep track of. The comments and responses in real time.


Google Apps makes them think outside the square and create a uniform and integrated platform that can be of any communication device readily available. But more importantly, ensures that their store teams have immediate access to the latest information that provides their customers to provide a better shopping experience.

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