Google Apps ease Karma manages hotspot data power


enjoying-Google-Apps-with-hotspot-data-powerTechnology should help you get your stuff done faster so that you can enjoy your days better. Whether it’s for a meeting over Hangout at the airport before escaping to paradise island like Bali or Mallorca, or sending mails from a nearby cafe, all becomes easy with the advanced technology today. Let’s take a look at Karma, a New York-based startup building a sleek, portable pay-what-you-use WiFi hotspot.


Karma allows people to work wherever they want, tastefully decorated with a personal wireless access points. Their team has spent years to pay the exorbitant costs of data access points while traveling around the world and knew better and cheaper to get online at airports, many hotels, cafes and train without Internet access to the public. They were even able to work almost anywhere, the problem with WiFi Mobile Hotspot affordable, people, when they want to solve. Karma as not only to access – it is a movement that people around the camera to use their data and how they want the technology.



To introduce new ways of working, Karma invites monthly meetings outside the company and people themselves to them to work this summer. Like most people, they like to work in a position on their terms. That’s why Google Apps is part of their journey from the beginning. It is no exaggeration to say that practically Google+ Hangouts built Karma. After the company having visa problems that have caused the founders to return to Amsterdam, it leaves the Vice President of Karma in charge of American operations. Hangouts was a lifeline that has allowed them to build and grow the company, even if they separated by an ocean.


In addition to Hangouts, Google Docs is just the right app for their company and it’s become their favorite innovation because it provides a more creative way than any other workflow product. Their founders in Amsterdam exchange a lot of ideas with the designers of New York society, just like them. Google Docs allows them to easily track their design ideas. Docs is where quickly add media to their thoughts on the fly to keep. Jointly refine ideas by commenting trade within their documents. Write the data to the knowledge of the specific product in Docs, their concepts are saved and their design team to access the stored anywhere.



work together at ease and fun with Google Apps work together at ease and fun with Google Apps

They are starting their journey on their quest to free the people of mobile connectivity, and they have much more in Serbia for their products and company. They are confident in their ability to achieve their goals and really make use of Google Apps, which provides mobility and flexibility in communication and productivity – the values ​​that are aligned with our mission. Between Karma and Google Apps together they get the people on the edge of the cabins and the sun.


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