With Google Apps KFC Philippines boosts productivity and collaboration


KFC Philippines uses Google Apps and Drive to boosts productivity and collaborationKFC was the path of sustainable growth, since it was introduced in the Philippines in 1967, with restaurants, factories and offices all over the country, the communication and the exchange of information quickly and easily is important to their success. This means that tools such as file storage, email, calendars, document creation and be easy to operate and be relatively trouble-free for the employees of their IT team. But until recently, their range more problems than it in the mail and document management software solves caused – with excess server capacity and slow reaction time, the growth of their business has slowed only.



KFC Philippines uses Google Apps and Drive to boosts productivity and collaboration


They decided that a single communication platform all necessary email storage solution for creating documents, and Google Apps was their answer. Not only are applications for all their needs in terms of efficiency, reliability and ease of use to answer, but in Drive that they have a way to help their workforce increasingly mobile. It is used to access documents while the person in charge is out of the office.

They have increased their productivity in the creative work from a position of 15% in Google Drive. Before they made ​​the trip, they send creative materials back and forth between their office and their advertising via couriers and postal services, the collection of cost and time for other activities. Now with Drive, you can make large files such as high resolution graphics and share delivered from the cloud faster and at a much cheaper cost, so that the devices in their office (and back to them). And with a single location for all that to save the work, they have greatly improved their ability to work together on projects.
Gmail allows them to get better communication: Everyone has 30GB of email storage is available, so it is not necessary to waste time cleaning up permanently in your inbox, space for a new e -mail, or ask colleagues to resend email because they cannot find them. Their IT team like Gmail, accused of e-services is reduced to zero, since they started – in fact, is to support the work of communication tools has increased by 25% compared to using Google launch apps. This gives their team more time for activities to target more directly against the bottom line.

Google Apps eliminates everyday problems such as scheduling meetings. Their decision-making process is used to require several planning meetings and discussions with various reports and documents by e-mail back and forth between different computers age. Now they are planning meeting in Google Calendar, as they can see. The availability of each of these meetings, a spouse in Google Docs document that is used as an update on the progress of work functions. To cooperate this new workflow basically how they changed. Which days before the decision, it is now possible within hours.

Google Apps is not only easier for them to manage the disk space and bandwidth to keep their employees. Satisfied After six months of the platform, 95% of people said with Google Apps, which means they enjoy their work and help their customers happy.


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