With Google Apps, Thrillist bridges lifestyle brands


Thrillist uses Google AppsOver the past four years Thrillist Media Group (TMG) has grown from a small newsletter in an office of a room in a group of several media properties with over 300 employees. Now they are working in the areas of content, commerce, private label clothing, events, sales and proprietary technology platforms. They worked hard to connect these unique industries – a feat that requires a high level of communication between their offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Columbus, Ohio. Cooperation between Thrillist employees would not be possible without Google Apps.

Thrillist uses Google Apps

Thrillist employees are fully integrated with Google ecosystem and the tools they need are a couple of clicks and always available. What really sets the Google platform is the integration and intuitive user experience. If you’ve ever worked Gchat last few years, you know how to use hangouts. When you write an e-mail, which is a bit ‘of using a Google Docs document, the ability to quickly switch between applications without having to register or to learn how to register a new tool in our fast-paced environment and centralize nearly all of your files and communicate daily.

If anyone has a question or needs to express a complex idea Hangout or by e-mail, Google Apps are available to give Thrillist’ team that they need to carry out projects, and copy with the customer. After approval, they invite the customers to take all the files which are simply by various departments of the company to do so throughout the campaign. On the product side, their team of specifications quality control through the reference design of the final sale can be adapted and note any problems or differences leaves Google. When the campaign is alive, they can check to see how to carry out the whole process, and to use their products in Google Thrillist instead of saying good practices, and they have taken the country.



Happy employees uses Google Apps Happy employees uses Google Apps

As a relatively small company, their projects, more collaboration and everyone is juggling a heavy workload – and the specific example above is just one piece of the complex puzzle of TMG. Google Apps is essential to the work they do every day; while other companies offer these services separately, none of them offer all together in a single, easy to use system.


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