Google Maps for Business


Thanks to Google Earth, which is launched in 2005, imagery has become a powerful tool to virtually visit almost anywhere in the world right from a computer, tablet or phone. This type of imagery is also needed by many organizations for their business such as for mapping public service projects, evaluating property or reviewing the environmental impacts.


And today, Google Maps for Business imagery is launched to enhance business for any organizations. This new feature of Google Maps offers businesses the chance to purchase and use Google Earth imagery for the first time. It gives them access to high-resolution aerial imagery covering certain area, for example US. This will help customers like government agencies get imagery they need without collecting their own aerial photography. It will also enhance the reliability of the organization because of the high-resolution image provided.


Google Maps for Business high resolution imagery Google Maps for Business


With Google Maps Engine, organizations can quickly get Google Earth imagery as soon as it’s available and share it with colleagues or customers. While also avoiding the costs of maintaining their own data centers, they can bypass traditional delivery systems by relying on Google’s cloud such as an FTP or disc.

Organizations with Google Maps for Business imagery can access it in several ways below:

  • View the imagery on a desktop GIS system through WMS
  • Include it with Google Maps v3 JavaScript API web application
  • Directly overlay it in Google Earth
  • View it on native mobile applications and mobile websites

Google Maps for Business imagery make organizations have better access to commercial and high-quality satellite photography as well as accurate, comprehensive and useful maps. To learn more about Google commercial imagery offering, you can contact our sales team.


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