Google Maps Engine Pro with Maps Coordinate



Google launched Maps Engine Pro last fall to provide an easy-to-use tool for collaborative map creation to business and individual users. With this Maps Engine Pro, rich and multi-layered maps can be created. Sharing information with stakeholders and making decisions are also more collaboratively.
It’s started from today, all users with Maps Engine Pro will be able to access Google Maps Coordinate—an app for mobile and web that lets teams assigns jobs and share their locations in real time with each other. This new offer combines dynamic data visualization with communication using Google Maps based on location.

Maps Engine Pro has the same per month subscription with the other apps from Google, only $5 per user. Using this app, organizations will be able to access powerful suite of productivity tools. For example, a building management firm can organize the properties they maintain on a map and when a maintenance call comes in, they can assign the nearest worker to the job.

Besides making Maps Coordinate available to Pro users, Google is also opening the Coordinate app to anyone with a Google account — previously it was only available to Google Apps customers. This will make more teams can use Maps Coordinate to share their locations and get jobs done.

Businesses can now do work with even more powerful, affordable and accessible Google Maps for Business tools because the Maps Engine Pro offers enhancements and improvements to Maps Coordinate. Starting today, new users can purchase Maps Engine Pro with Coordinate and existing Pro and Coordinate customers can begin using the combined app suite.


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