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While most faculties eventually need to urge to 1:1, it’s not forever sensible to begin with an obsessive pill for each student. Asking students to share one account isn’t sensible either — too typically the result’s one-size-fits-all technology with over many management headaches.

That’s why we’re adding support for multiple accounts to tablets with Google Play for Education, creating it attainable for colleges to produce customized learning for up to 5 students on an equivalent shared device.

With multiple accounts, colleges will check out tablets at a pregnant scale before shopping for hardware for each student. Here’s however it works:

  • “Bump” pills along as was common to urge them started — you currently have the choice to specify the amount of scholars who’ll be sharing every tablet (up to 5).
  • Students complete setup by language into one in every of the the tablets you’ve organized, then setting a pin code for individual access.
  • From then on, every student will develop their allotted pill, choose their account, and enter their pin to urge back to all or any their stuff.

When every student has their own account it’s simple for them to collaborate on category comes victimisation Docs, Drive, and alternative Google Apps. And academics will use Google Play for Education to instantly send students the apps, books, and videos that match their tutorial wants and speak to their distinctive interests.

It’s easy for your faculty to scale to 1:1 once you are prepared — simply started any new tablets with the coed accounts you’ve already been victimisation. The apps academics have already allotted to every student can transfer mechanically.

You can browse additional concerning multiple accounts within the Google Play for Education facilitate Center or contact our sales team to find out a couple of beginning trial at your faculty.


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