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Google for Work Makes It Easy Google for Work Makes It Easy


Working is definitely a part that can’t be separated from any life of adult human. Therefore, we’ve always hope it would be meaningful instead of a daily boring routines done in isolation with an old desktop in a sea of cubicles. As the technology rapidly grows, many of us must believe that the technology will make our work easier and better. The technology should help us to get the things done as well as with people who inspiring us, where we can work best and in a way that let us make an impact, regardless our jobs and industry we are in.


Back then, about ten years ago, Google’s consumer technology was launched to the world—along with the features, controls and services business need. The first things to be brought to business are Google Search and Gmail. Today, with Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform, they also offer us the scale of reliability of Google’s infrastructure to developers. It is even extended into hardware with their tremendously popular Android and Chromebooks. Along the way, they have invested in what important to their customers and partners—security, transparency, compliance and customer support.


Today’s working is definitely different compared to 10 years ago. Once a new idea, cloud computing, is now plentifully available and collaboration is possible to make across offices, cities, countries and continents. From prototype to development to launch, ideas can now go just in a matter of says. Working from any devices, any places and any time is not only a trend, but it’s a reality now. And, millions companies—large and small—have gone Google, employing their products to help them launch, build and transform businesses and help employees work the way they live. To be short, work is just better than it used to be.


However, technology is not only for making the workplace better to do business. It’s also about how to empower everyone, regardless their position. No matter your job is, what industry you are in, you can have an impact. Google never set out to create a traditional ‘enterprise’ business. What they want is creating a new way of doing work. Therefore, the time comes now for their name to catch up with their ambition. From now, on, what was called Google Enterprise, now is simply, Google for Work. They use tools to make any works and life, easier with Google Apps, Maps, Search, Chrome, Android, Cloud Platform and more. And that’s what they’re keeping to develop—the best of Google, now for work.


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