Introducing: Google for Education Blog


Google for EducationPeople now like to focus on problem solving. Sometimes practical, sometimes with crazy ideas, fancy or even unexpected. These ideas come through education, curiosity satisfied because access to information. That’s why people have a personal interest and commitment to learning in all forms. It’s also this reason that Google started with the Google for Education blog: a new target for Google work that occurs in training, products, programs, sharing the unimaginable.

One of Google goals is to assist more students so they can feel engaged and eager to learn, to stimulate their curiosity and to work to try to do things, something new, and to keep them trying together. Through programs such as done with the Doodle 4 Google code and Google Science Fair, they strive to help you explore subjects that interest them the solution students. Again and again show that young people do not always translate into an adult to forward to offer. Outstanding solutions of this blog is a place to hear about these programs and young talents.



Google for Education

For behind every student has great teachers is better to focus on the development of products and tools to the class what they do best. These tools educators cooperation such as Google Apps for Education in the classroom, easily affordable devices such as tablets and Chromebooks and educational content in Google Play, unlimited YouTube teaching makes learning fun and help manage four walls of the classroom.

The future belongs to us, so obviously, if you work on learning. As a former Secretary of Education Richard Riley says, “We are currently preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist, using technologies that have not been invented to solve the problems we face are not even solve the problems.” May this share is useful on Google for Education, our dedicated partners, teachers and students to find. Innovative inspiration may be better with this Google for Education blog along with their channels Google+ and Twitter, as they continue with more updates and stories.

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