IT Fest 2014: The Spirit of Premiere Services & Independence


Banner IT Fest 2014Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya or known as ITS recently held the annual event of IT Fest 2014 with the partnership of Lembaga Pengembangan Teknologi Sistem Informasi (LPTSI). The event takes theme “The Spirit of Premiere Services and Independence”. The main concern to this annual event is ITS, as a leading Institute of Technology in Surabaya, wants to improve their services with higher integrity to provide a fast, reliable, integrated, and easier for their student, lecturer, and staffs in gain access to new opportunities through technology. ITS is now developing an independent applications to enhance their students in learning project and many other campus activity.

In this seminar, there are a lot of great speaker shared the thoughts in front of many ITS first year students who participate to expand their knowledge.

Technology nowadays is made to help people to work in ease and even better. There are many software to use, but some of those softwares are not free. That’s why many people cracks the software so that they can use it. To prevent this to getting worse, ITS cooperated with some developer for a free software for student such as Wolfram Mathematica, Autodesk 3D, National Instrument LabView, and Google Apps for Education to help students to meets their learning goals.

As a college student, many activities that needs high mobility like tasks, projects, join community and organization to make friends and networking. They need to be fast forward to catch up all the things. Working on a big workflow in a laptop sometime can be troublesome when you are running out of battery. Unsaved document, project, or even disconnect ongoing communication just because you don’t find any electricity nearby to charge your laptop.

Specially launched in this event, Chromebook, may be the best possibility to solve that problem. Chromebook with Chrome OS is developed by Google to help you simplify your work in an effective way. In this event also explained the powerful benefits of Chromebook. If other laptop need at least one minute booting, Chromebook only need 8 second and its ready to use. Beside its lightweight package, the 8 hours battery life will accompanied you through all day activities, no need a bulky charger. Built in virus protection for a comprehensive action to protect you from malwares.

You will also get the powerful benefit of Google ecosystem in Chromebook. One login to all Google applications like Inbox, Google+, Hangouts, YouTube, and etc. Don’t worry of losing your data, document, spreadsheet, or powerpoint because Google Drive will automatically saves it as Chromebook is a cloud-based computing. Wherever, whenever you need it, simply access Google Drive from your gadget. Connect your android smartphone to Chromebook to make the most of it.

Thousands of great application in the Web Store that can also goes offline. Stay connected with friends and colleagues using Google Apps for Education and join Classroom. Easy sharing button to keep your workflow updated.

As an open source notebook, Chromebook will certainly very useful for student because it provide free software that has the same function with the paid one.

In the last day of IT Fest 2014, ITS also gives discourse about ITPreneurship. ITS empowers their alumni to create a job field instead of being an employee. To achieve a significant improvement need an unbreakable ideas that contain passion, comprehensive research, and a strong will to stand out, unique, and improve the business. Innovation is one of the key to success. It’s not always about discovering a brand new thing, innovation also about redefining an exist ideas and change it into something different.

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