What makes Google’s cloud secure? These are the answers!


Google cloud's secure Google cloud’s secure

Mobile and cloud are extremely important for future business growth and productivity. It’s just a fact you can no longer deny. According to Gartner, this is leading increases in security spending as organizations deal with threats and regulatory compliance, the industry of computer security will be reaching $71 billion this year, a 7.9 percent higher than 2013.

It’s definitely important for any cloud companies to be transparent about their security capabilities to help organizations spend their money wisely. Since Google sees transparency as crucial way to earn and maintain their customers’ confidence, on they ask independent auditors to examine the controls in their systems and operations regularly. With the rigorous audits, customers can use these reports to ensure Google meets their their compliance and needs of data protection.

Google now proudly announces to all their customers that they have received the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security compliance reports: an updated ISO 27001 and SOC 2 and SOC 3 Type II audit report. These audits reinvigorate Google coverage for Google Apps for Business and Education and Google Cloud Platform as well. They’ve also expanded the scope to include Google+ and Hangouts. For the first time, to make it easier for anyone to verify the Google security, they’re now publishing their updated ISO 27001 certificate and new SOC3 audit report on their Google Enterprise security page.

To keep your data safe is the main point of what Google does. That’s why they hire the world’s most prominent security experts—the team is now compromised of over 450 full-time engineers—to keep customers’ data secure from any impending and growing threats. These certifications, along with their existing offers of FISMA for Google Apps for Government, support FERPA and COPPA compliance in Google Apps for Education, model contract clauses for Google Apps customers that are operating within Europe, and HIPAA business associate agreements for organizations with protected health information. These help assure Google customers and their regulators that they’re determined to keeping their data and their users safe, personal and acquiescent.

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