Maps are going Google: Decide with Instant Insights


Google Maps data growthData is important for businesses, serving to to steer regular operations yet as future methods. however once it involves exploitation knowledge at work, there’s a fine line between sceptered and swamped. Unless your team will analyze and interpret all the knowledge obtainable to them, they’re way more probably to finish au fait the incorrect aspect of that line.

According to a recent study* that surveyed three hundred enterprise professionals, knowledge of all forms — internal, external, structured, and unstructured — has big by thirty eight p.c over the past 2 years. With most info obtainable, corporations want a period mechanism to grasp recent knowledge, build choices and communicate those choices internally.
To stay previous info overload, savvy business leaders, like those at BioSolar, square measure realizing the advantages that maps will bring. primarily based in Australia, the star company’s mission is to create renewable energy reasonable for the parents “down beneath.” however with twenty three million residents unfold across nearly three million sq. miles, marketing and putting in solar battery systems isn’t simple.

Rather than asking sales and promoting reps to pour over the info required to spot star candidates, BioSolar puts prospective client info on a map. This lets the team see specifically wherever they have to be and UN agency they have to focus on. Since deploying Google Maps, BioSolar’s total sales appointments per day have enhanced from twenty to one hundred eighty.
Biosolar is simply one company UN agency is realizing the advantages of seeing knowledge in context to its location. whether or not reportage to senior executives or doing all of your own analysis, overlaying distributed knowledge sets on a map permits a company to gift their info in one clear image. This lets staff gather insights additional effectively and improve communications.

As a business grows, finding higher ways in which to use knowledge is important. For additional info regarding however maps will facilitate your organization collect instant insights, sign on for our “Maps square measure going Google” series or browse Chapter a pair of currently.

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