Using Chromebox for meetings, The Climate corporation shrinks distance between offices


climate corporation uses Chromebox for meetingPeople might not associating farmers with technology from the Bay Area, but The Climate Corporation, they’re dedicated to provide tools for the farmers that help maximize their crop yields and use natural resources efficiently. They believe that innovation plays a vital role in their mission, they also apply this belief to improve the way their employees work.

climate corporation uses Chromebox for meeting

Often a culture of continuous innovation means that our days are filled with meetings back to back. With offices in San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis and Kansas City, coordinate meetings and catch-up through the time zones can make a number of challenges. The San Francisco team usually gets at 9am work but stay up late; in St. Louis, we are at work by 07.00 bis 18.00 o’clock. Until recently, most people are working late at the office and quality time at home often lost. They landed in their offices for meetings, which cost time and money. And if they do not, they met on the phone, which was less attractive and productive in order. Video conferencing solutions have been identified as high-end, but the cost (about $ 70,000) Limited, as many meeting rooms are equipped.

Then they got the news of Chromebox for meeting. At a starting price of $ 999 which they can afford, Chromeboxes can be placed in conference rooms in their office and their distributed throughout the day without travel expenses or complaints of the conference call equipment. Now it’s almost like their colleagues in San Francisco are in the same room with us in St. Louis. Their IT team likes easy installation – all they had to do was plug the screen and run the setup wizard. And their employees love the speed and simplicity of the meetings.


Chromeboxes is not only in their meeting, but some of them have at home too. In one case, he can spend time with his children, then jump in a face to face meeting for half an hour when, without having to be in the office.

Today, 80% of the official meetings will be held with Chromebox Hangouts for meetings. Coupling the new way to work with Google Apps, they have already used for work inside and outside the office, they amazed at how technology is changing our working day. Now they work together more effectively, it can provide a much better job of creating products that monitor our customers to help the effects of weather on their business.

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