Using Google Maps, DogVacay Fetches Pet Sitters


DogVacay-with-Google-MapsDogVacay is a service that helps dog owners connect to pet sitters. At DogVacay, they help people to get the perfect home for their dogs while they are away. People all over the United States spends billions of dollars to send their four-legged friends, and we want a better solution options trading course. The way we see it, the dogs are happier in a loving home where they receive personal attention, instead of sitting in a box in a kennel with limited human contact.


Their business has grown rapidly—they have more than 15,000 hosts in 3,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada since they established in 2012. To assist pet owners find the best host nearby for their dogs, DocVacay uses Google Maps.


With Google Maps, which they integrates with the help of SADA Systems, DogVacay lets pet owners to find nearby hosts by simply typing a street address or postal code. Potential hosts are on an interactive map links to detailed profiles demonstrated the experience, certifications, cost of pet care and other details. Many of their customers have told them that they have the ability to quickly find, want to be near Sitter – sometimes only a few streets away. Their concierge team also helped people find dog sitter in their own building in New York.





There’s a bunch of dog lovers who want to give the best care and a loving home for animals while their owners are away. DogVacay and Google Maps make it a lot easier to find these hosts nearby the owners. In addition, they’ve made search option that is extremely customizable to the customers’ needs, offering services to old or sick dogs or dog that needs special care.

DogVacay always trying to expand their offering and Google Maps is really helping with the amazing way of finding hosts nearby quickly.

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