Women’s History Month is celebrated with women in tech


Jeanne Dewitt

Women have an important role in the technology going forward. As Women’s History Month winds down, we focus on some of the women who are making progress, change and the future of technology. Today by Jeanne DeWitt, head of sales for Google Apps SMB America we heard.

How and when did you first got involved in technology?

I grew up with my father sold the first IBM PCs and alpha testing computer games like Midnight Rescue! and Reader Rabbit, so when it came to graduate from college, I knew I wanted to apply to Google. I ended up in the Gmail support team just two months after the launch of the product. It’s my job to answer questions and allow users the error that eventually led me to work closely with the product development and engineering, to help shape the future to identify the direction of Gmail.

What will you with another woman?

I always looked at Claire Johnson, one of my first Google Executive VP and now at Google [x]. As a manager, she brought a powerful love, both directly and very inspiring the – emulate the skills that I’ve tried my career management. As a leader, he is energetic and quick access. He is the root of the problem to the classic “all-round athlete,” which can take off his hat to lead a functional team. On top of that, he is authentic and very intelligent.

What advice do you have for women who are interested or working in today is the technology?

For those who have not given the technology to worry about a non-traditional backgrounds. French main support I worked on two continents, which now leads the sales organization. You just have to dive! For women in technology, aware of the fact that one has to be one of the few women in the room an asset and differentiator. Embrace a unique perspective and style. This contributes to better results.

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