Let’s Reveal Microsoft Unlimited Storage with Office 365 Subscription

Seems like many technology company move the business to the cloud, just like Microsoft Corp. did. Recently they announced that Microsoft would become the first major internet services firm to offer an unlimited storage bucket to its cloud subscriber. They also launched 1TB site collections and..

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Start the year 2015 with Google Apps for Work

Starting the year 2015, Eikon Technology will hold an event on 4 February 2015 featuring Linen Santisakultarm from Google Enterprise, to discuss about what is the latest technology trends that will affect your business to help you make a competitive advantages. The needs of data is growing almost..

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Surabaya Youngsters Goes Technopreneur With Start Surabaya

  The relationship between human and technology are undoubtedly sustainable. Technology becomes something that we rely on in almost every aspects such as educational, business, and even household. Just look outside, how many people out there grabbing their gadgets than they who don’t? Smartphones,..

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Work Much Easier With The Latest Google Apps

90,000 hours. That’s the amount of time the average person spends working during their lifetime. To put that in perspective, if you spend 90,000 hours watching movies and did nothing else — no sleep, no breaks — you would be watching for 10 years non-stop. Since you spend so much time at work, we..

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IT Fest 2014: The Spirit of Premiere Services & Independence

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November Surabaya or known as ITS recently held the annual event of IT Fest 2014 with the partnership of Lembaga Pengembangan Teknologi Sistem Informasi (LPTSI). The event takes theme “The Spirit of Premiere Services and Independence”. The main concern to this annual..

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TransferWise enhance finance transparency with Google Apps for Work

Editor's note: From the typewriter to the propelling pencil to our favorite, the world wide web, inventors and innovators from the United Kingdom have brought us brilliant advances that have changed the way we work all around the world. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share a handful of stories from..

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Coba Gratis G Suite Selamanya

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