Kelly Campbell, Director of Enterprise Marketing at Google


How did she get into technology?

She entered the technology world, when she joined Google in 2005 after earning her MBA. Previously, Campbell has worked in Finance at the beginning of her career and she’s doing an internship as a brand manager for a major CPG companies, but both have left her wanting more.

In her second year of business school, several companies in various industries came into her school to discuss possible employment opportunities. She came to the first session of the technology, with Amazon, and she was impressed. She said that there was so much energy and enthusiasm about what they did and where the technology industry simply will not exist in another session. Then she visited, and she was hooked. Campbell, then, joined the company after graduating and has not looked back since. In this industry, she conveyed, people have to constantly challenge the status quo and think ahead first. She liked the speed, energy, challenge and great opportunity.


Some biggest changes she’s seen in the technology of work in space

Since Campbell joined Google, she has seen dramatic changes in the way people work and the way they learn. When she started, Campbell told, most people use the devices and applications in their home life they love while they live with a slow heavy enterprise software and devices in the workplace.

Working from home, traveling, or away from the office meant to feel disconnected and operates in isolation. Now, with the tremendous growth in the mobile space and the development of smartphones and tablets, people can use the device they want to work and work from wherever they need to. One does not have to be in the same place to feel like she/he is working with someone. Seeing face in the video or collaborating on a document at exactly the same time, remembering the words they type on the screen right in front of them.

In the face of learning, Campbell stated, if people look at the class today and compare it with that of eight years ago, the landscape has changed exponentially. Students rely more on technology for learning, and the educational content and open up new opportunities for teaching throughout the world.


Campbell advised to other women interested in technology that it is important to be open to all perspectives and ready to push hard for what we truly believe in. She said that as the women will be responsible of taking care of their family, having career in technology is very inspiring. She said that being in this field has increased her productivity. Nevertheless, the women should balance their priority well, a clear line need to be drawn between work and time.

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