Let’s Reveal Microsoft Unlimited Storage with Office 365 Subscription


Office 365 for your productivity tools

Seems like many technology company move the business to the cloud, just like Microsoft Corp. did. Recently they announced that Microsoft would become the first major internet services firm to offer an unlimited storage bucket to its cloud subscriber.

They also launched 1TB site collections and announces that there is no longer upper limit to how much data businesses can store on their cloud-based business collaboration platform, SharePoint. But what is those gigantic storage actually used for? You can imagine how many songs, photos, and files you can store, but is that all the main purpose of those storage?

Well, that’s not quite wrong, but I’m adding something here, Microsoft gives each services like email, collaboration platform, and drive itself, a big storage not only to keep your current data, but also to keep your previous data from years. You can still track your emails from 5 years ago. They offer you a long-term investment on your data, so you can get the data whenever you want it. We can’t rely on hardware to keep our data forever with the risk of corrupt or losing it anytime.


Powerful Email Platform For Business

In the past few years, Microsoft has been developing a lot for its business consumers. Now, the mailbox storage on Microsoft Office 365 (and Exchange Online) gives a strong value for the consumers, they have been doubling storage from 25GB to 50GB at no extra cost. Business customer now have substantially more headroom for bigger, more storage-intensive projects. They also increased the size of other mailboxes to help you work even more productively. For active email users, you will have plenty of room to store everything you need for your projects and collaborations.


Collaboration Productivity Tools

SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s cloud-based business collaboration platform has also been given a big storage upgrade at 1TB. As Mark Kashman, SharePoint senior product manager boasted “1TB will let you establish large team document centers that teams can use, and keep using over time without needing to introduce unwarranted information architecture complexities”.

Microsoft has faced their largest customers expressed concerns about scaling to meet their future growing needs, as data is growing at an increasing rate. This SharePoint for business is to accommodates current storage needs and unlimited future potential.


Reliable Drive For Everyone

Microsoft has increased capacity from 25GB to 1TB for OneDrive for Business. What makes the value of OneDrive cloud storage really comes to life is when it’s integrated with the tools you use to communicate, create, and collaborate. As part of Office 365 subscription, OneDrive makes sure that you always have all your important content on all devices and enables multiple people to collaborate at the same time. But even they say ‘unlimited’ storage, doesn’t mean that you can just put all of your data in the cloud. Microsoft addressed the maximum size allowed on the total number of the file is 2GB maximum up to 10GB.


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