Important: New Updates of Hangout You Shouldn’t Miss


Google+ Premium featuresRecently updated many features of Google Drive with their Google Drive for Work, today Google launches several updates on their meeting and chatting apps, Hangout. This update is definitely supposed to enhance the apps to be even more functional and convenient. Of course, this makes Hangout more advanced as well. So, better to not miss them, unless you want to be left behind!

Here you are the important updates of Hangout:

  1. If your domains using Chromebox for meeting devices, you will be able to just simply plug in a second display to Chromebox’s diplay port and this display will behave as secondary one. During Hangout video call, it will allow participants to see the audience and the projected presentation at the same time.
  2. In Chromebox for meeting devices right from Google Apps Admin console, Admins can now manage video calls better with options like like remotely starting, muting and hanging up a meeting. In their conference room, meeting participants are still in full control of the device even if the video call is remotely started. For example, if the meetings are muted by default, the participants can unmute the microphone using the remote control if they need to be heard. They can also end the call or perform any other task available on the device.
  3. In Hangouts, you can now have the ability to remove other participants from your meeting conference. This is only available to people from the same domain as the Hangout creator. For example, if a person creates a Hangout from Calendar, people in their same domain will be able to eject others from the call. Any participants from outside the domain will not have this ability. Ejected external participants will not be able to re-join the call unless explicitly re-invited by a person within the domain. Ejected participants from within the domain can re-join with the invite link.
  4. Hangout is now covered under the same Terms of Service that support the other Google Apps for Business products, like Gmail and Google Drive. It means that customers receive 24×7 phone support and 99.9% guaranteed uptime as well as ISO27001, SSAE 16/ISAE 4302 and SOC 2 certification.
  5. With this new launch, any Google Apps users with access to Google Talk or Google Hangouts chat will now have the ability to create and join Hangout video calls for up to 15 participants. Participants will no longer need to ensure Google+ premium services are enabled, nor have a Google+ profile. Features such as sharing one’s screen to a team or automatically adding a Hangout to any Calendar event will also be available.

Before a Google+ profile is created, a Hangouts participant will be able to:

– Start Hangout video calls with up to 15 participants

– Include any external guests who have a Google account

– Add, change or join a video call in a Google Calendar entry (coming soon)

– Join or start a Hangout by URL or ( to just present)

Please remember that if you don’t have a Google+ profile, then, you will not be able to use Hangout apps other than screen share and chat, nor invite Google+ circles to a Hangout video call. This enhancement will be supported in a coming version of the Android and iOS Hangout apps.


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